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Ep. 2: The NBA Salary Cap, Russell Westbrook’s New Contract, the Olympics, and Ray Allen

So you’re back for more, huh? Good for you. Grab a life vest, because we’re going deep this time.

In this episode, we discuss Russell Westbrook and the future of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, and even take a look at some salary numbers for the Dubs up in Oakland.

Then, I break down five players from the men’s Olympic team in this segment of “Honey, Can You Get the Kids?”™

Finally, I reach out to Ray Allen and extend an invite to the Man Cave. Hopefully the rumors aren’t true…

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Ep. 1: The NBA Offseason, Kevin Durant and Warriors, 2017 MVP Predictions, Farewell to Tim Duncan

You made it. You’re an official couch coach now. As promised, I have something to tickle your ears.

In this first episode, I talk about Kevin Durant and the Warriors, share my early season prediction for MVP and wonder who will compete with the new Super Team.

In our “Honey, can you get the kids?” segment, I break down a few interesting story lines in rapid fire.

I wrap things up with a special tribute to the best Power Forward ever in a segment we’ll call “Welcome to the Man Cave.”

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Who is the Couch Coach?

Do you find yourself yelling at your TV during NBA playoff games as you eat your ninth piece of pizza since halftime, but yet never watch basketball before the All-Star Break?

Do you frequently tell your friends that your team should fire your team’s coach — the coach with multiple titles — and trade for LeBron?

Do you accidentally tweet fake Woj accounts, tweet NBA players to make more threes, use the NBA Trade Machine for ridiculous transactions, AND THEN SEND THEM TO YOUR TEAMS OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS AS RECOMMENDATIONS?

Do you play basketball once a year at the Memorial Day Church Picnic and consistently still say “Kobe” as you shoot a fade-a-way airball from the three point line?

If this sounds like you, then wipe the crumbs off the seat, avoid the sticky soda spill on the leather and have a seat on the couch. You’re important and you have a job to do. Your team needs you on that couch… that is, whatever team is YOUR team this month.

The Couch Coach is a podcast made for clowns like you and me.

We think we know what we are talking about when we say CP3, LeBron, KD, Melo, and Boogie should all be on the same team and go undefeated, but then that pesky salary cap gets in the way. (Those collective bargaining agreements, am I right?)

We really have no clue. We’re just fans. Seasoned veterans of a game we mastered mentally in high school, but weren’t physically gifted enough for the next level. Then life happened. We have 2.35 kids, buy a dog with three legs and attempt to pay off our student loans. Suddenly, NBA League Pass just isn’t in our budget.

But when those playoffs come around, bruh… we are ready. Don’t hang around the water cooler at work the day after we watched a game on TNT. We will freely offer all our opinions on how good Steph Curry is and how ridiculous Charles Barkley sounds.

We know enough to make us dangerous.

We know we are average fans.

We are the “couch coaches.”

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

To my fellow hoop-loving Couch Coaches, this is for you.

Welcome to The Couch Coach.

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