What in the world took me so long, right? What was that, like three weeks? My bad, guys. But I’m back and boy-howdy, is this episode a real treat.

We are much closer to the start of the season than maybe many of us realize. If you’re like me, you’re probably wasting your spare time in the realm of fantasy football. I’m in a record setting seven leagues this year. (I know, it’s a real problem.)

It always becomes an obsession this time of year as I await the end of October and the beginning of the NBA season. But I just can’t stand it anymore, so I’m doing my early, early season predictions. I figured every NBA blogger or writer from ESPN to Basketball Breakdown to SB Nation is making theirs, so I might as well toss mine
into the ring, too.

This week, I preview the NBA Eastern Conference. I rank all 15 teams for you and it’s not up for debate. I’d love for some surprise team to prove me wrong, but I don’t see it happening.

*Spoiler alert: the Cavs will be back in the Finals and I’m not exactly thrilled about it.

Additionally, we recently had a fresh batch of Hall of Famers get inducted. This makes for good discussion, but one thing that drives me nuts about HoF inductees is that it always reverts back to that stupid “Mt. Rushmore” conversation.

Everyone wants to narrow it down to four players. Four? That’s not even a good round number. Why not five? Or three? Or 10? And why Mt. Rushmore? Can most of us name the four people actually on the real Mt. Rushmore?

… does Google search for Mt. Rushmore

I get sick of those conversations, but I figured I’d go on record with mine. I dedicated my HCYGTK segment to clarifying who is on Mt. Rushmore and I hope you disagree with me. I’d love to tell you how wrong you are.

Finally, speaking of Hall of Famers, I welcome our newest member into the Couch Coach Man Cave. It’s getting crowded in there. We may need to order a new batch of robes soon. Tim Duncan, Ray Allen, Coach K and now…

Well, click on the episode below and find out.

Heart You,

Stephen Hale, aka The Couch Coach

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